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omg, tldr: a deep passion for digital craftmanship keeps me running.

I have spent far too much time drawing cartoons and faces on the edges of my school book pages. I should have spent that time animating thumb cinemas instead.

After finishing the Digital Film Program at the SAE Institute in Hamburg in 2003, where I learned to use a variety of post-production programs and technical basics, I started working at a small studio in Hamburg as a junior compositor, combining hand drawn, scanned and colorized animations in After Effects.

In the following 8 years I worked in various studios in Hamburg, Barcelona and Munich as a Digital Compositor and 3D Generalist, AVID Cutter and guy for everything else in various production fields. I’ve been assisting the director on sets, created logo animations, worked on animations in adobe flash, edited music videos and image films on AVID and final cut, switched to combustion, switched to eyon’s fusion, and eventually stopped working in 3D in favour of focussing on compositing.

Since the companies I’ve worked at were small, chances to get more responsibility were limited, so I changed jobs roughly every 2 years to keep learning new things in different places. When I decided to become a freelance artist in 2010, I had been involved in more than sixty tv commercials, image films, and a few film projects, in every part from rotoscoping, cleanup, retouche to final compositing of shots.

As a freelance compositor I switched to Nuke to gain experience in the bigger vfx companies in Germany (Pixomondo, ScanlineVFX, Trixter, Animationsfabrik). At Trixter I became a specialist in 3D conversions for a while, this 2 year adventure ended with my work for the Disney Production of John Carter of Mars for Cinesite in London. Since 2013 I’ve been travelling worldwide to where I was needed for work. As of today, I’ve worked in over twenty offices in seven countries, gaining priceless experience under various working conditions and teams.

I bring a passion and dedication for this digital visual craft with me that i have succesfully kept alive for two decades now. And thanks to my extensive travelling to different studios and countries, I bring experience from working with a lot of different workflows, leaders, people and environments with me.
Age: in the 40's
Nationality: german
Tax residency: EU (DE)
Years of work related experience: 20
programs: nuke (fusion, after effects, combustion)
Degrees: diploma, Digital Film Maker, SAE Institute
Spoken languages: german (native), english (c1), spanish (b2)
Method Studios / Framestore (Melbourne (AU) / London (UK))
Benuts (La Hulpe (BE))
Parasol Island (Duesseldorf (DE))
Rodeo FX (Munich (DE))
Staud Studios (Leonberg (DE))
Mackevision (Stuttgart, Hamburg (DE))
rise FX (Berlin (DE))
Optix Post Production (Hamburg (DE))
Mr. X (Toronto, Montreal (CA))
Trixter Film (Munich (DE))
Animationsfabrik (Hamburg (DE))
Screen Scene VFX (Dublin (IE))
Double Negative (London (UK))
ScanlineVFX (Munich (DE))
Pixomondo (Frankfurt (DE))
Cinesite (London (UK))
Südlich-t (Munich (DE))
Toons'n'Tales Filmproduktion (Hamburg (DE))
Tatamia Solutions (Barcelona (ES))
Production Friends (Hamburg (DE))
Ully Arndt Studios (Hamburg (DE))
these collegues had to say a lot about my shots ;)

Glenn Melenhorst, Matt Omond, Ivan Sorgente (Method Studios / Framestore)
Ronald Grauer, Tristan Lilien, Nicolas Carson (Benuts)
Rex Alerta, Arnaud Brisebois (Rodeo FX)
Juri Stanossek, Andreas Frickinger, Emanuel Fuchs, Stephan Schaefholz (Mackevision)
Markus Degen, Jonathan Weber (rise FX)
Dennis Berardi, Eric Robinson, James Cooper, Chris MacLean, Olaf Wendt (Mr. X)
Peter Chiang, Sean Stranks, Ged Wright, Pete Bebb, Graham Page (DNEG)
Alessandro Cioffi, Jan Stoltz, Dietrich Hasse (Trixter Film)
Ed Bruce (Screen Scene VFX)
Sven Martin (Pixomondo)
Joe Pavlo (Cinesite)
The Frankenstein Chronicles: Best VFX
The Irish Film & Television Academy Film & Drama Awards 2016

Wagen 266: Journalist Award
PSP Filmund50 Film Festival 2006

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