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Aiways U6 / image film

Benjamin Scabell - Digital Compositor
Published by Skaibl in 2020 · 1 January 2020
Tags: ImageFilmStaudStudiosListAll
client: Aiways
post-production: Staud Studios
year: 2020
my part: Lead Compositor

Staud Studios hired me to do the digital compositing for a sixty second car visualisation in full CG for the revelation of the Aiways U6 coupe that was supposed to be presented at the Geneva Autosalon 2020. The sophisticated time table to finish 19 shots made filling more than just the position of a compositor mandatory, and thanks to the highly motivated team we managed to rock this project and finish it in time to learn the day of our deadline that the Geneva Autosalon was officially cancelled.
On the bright side, now everyone is able to watch the film we made on youtube.


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